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Solid 3/4" steel construction makes this timeless sissy bar a dependable choice – whether you're strapping on a backpack for work or luggage for a long journey. Quick release hardware and simple installation allow for seconds-long setup, while a separate luggage rack provides even more convenience. Add a passenger pad for the ultimate comfort! This classic design looks stylish and has your back for all your adventures.

Passenger pads sold separately 

Passenger Pads will not mount to Arch and Double Arch crossbars

*Requires Indian Saddlebag Mounting Spools and & Sleeves. 

OEM Spool part #s:


Some Indian Touring models come from the factory with OEM spools, but not the quick release sissy bar spool sleeves.

OEM Spool Sleeve part #:


All Dean speed Sissy bars are custom hand built to your order. Please check lead times for the most up to date estimates to ship 

20" Tall

Sissy bar height is measured vertically from the most rearward fender bolt/sissy bar mounting bolt to the tip of the sissy bar.

*Check that all hardware is tight before riding with your newly installed parts.

Designed to fit
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2015-2023 Roadmaster
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2014 Chief Classic

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