Victory parts

Brock Black Designs specializes in crafting Victory Motorcycle projects, each tailored to your unique preferences. Typically, these projects require approximately 3 to 4 weeks for construction and painting. We offer customization options with varying prices, including paint matching and other personalized features. Feel free to reach out for more details or any questions you might have. Below, you'll find a breakdown of our exclusive product offerings.

Brock Black Designs covers are a direct replacement for the factory cheese wedge. Can be used on left or right side. Left side comes with new bracket and ignition relocation bracket that bolts directly up to our covers. Right side comes with new bracket to replace cheese wedge. These are individually built and designed for the customer. We can do any color combination or theme. Normally take 3 to 4 weeks to build. We will verify the order when placed. 

Depth options on covers is 1-3" and can be put in notes the customer needs and will be verified at the time of order is placed. Some customer want to add electronics, or even extra horns to the bike.  3" will fit most all stock OEM horns. We also have the option to upgrade horns to screaming banshee horn for 79.00 per horn. 

Mini Screaming Banshee horn:

126 Decibels loud - Louder than OEM horns

12V, Sound Level: 126 dB Deep Tone: 410±20 Hz, more effective in real street conditions.

Universal Fit - The Mini-Banshee fits on most mid-size and sport bikes. And the Mini will fit under the OEM horn covers for all American and metric cruisers.

Easy Install - The Mini-Banshee Horn is a plug and play install. No additional wiring or relays needed for installation.

Dimensions - H4" x W4" x D 2.5"

Warranty - Industry leading 2-year warranty upon registration of purchase 


Victory® Vegas®, Kingpin®, Hammer®, Jackpot®, Vision®, Cross Country®.